Maison Gourmet carries top quality frozen food products that meet the discerning taste of our customers in every way.

Our frozen products

Our premium frozen product line includes pure butter viennoiserie from France such as croissants, pain au chocolat, mini croissants and raisin danish.  This line also includes macarons, petits fours and puff pastry. All of our pastries are are as close as one can get to those found in Europe's best pastry houses. The viennoiserie are oven ready and the macaron, petits four and puff pastry simply require defrosting.

Maison Gourmet is also very proud to carry the DGF line of frozen fruit purees. DGF is recognised throughout the world for their excellence and their fruit purees are no exception. They contain 90% pure fruit and lend themselves to any use required by today's top chefs. This wonderful line of fruit purees includes mango, raspberry, strawberry and many other popular flavours. Also from DGF, Maison Gourmet carries boxes of assorted frozen miniature decorative fruit. This includes frozen berries, crab apples, tiny cocoa bean pods and other spectacular decorative fruit. They are sold in small trays which contain only the most visually perfect example of each fruit. They can be used for cake or platter decoration and provide an unparalleled level of elegance and beauty.


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