Maison Gourmet carries a complete line of products from leading specialty food producers such as DGF and Pidy Gourmet, as well as our own superior line of Swiss Alpine products. Here you’ll find a complete list of the products we offer.


Our Products


DGF | Created by professionals for professionals, DGF’s line of top-grade food products offers you the quality and tradition of French cooking combined with the highest production specifications to help you improve productivity and profitability.


Fleur de Dijon | Fleur de Dijon mustard is true French mustard directly from Dijon, unlike many of the Dijon style mustards currently being manufactured elsewhere. The mustard seed is ground in the traditional way with original rock wheels. This method of handling the mustard seed allows for a rich strong taste that cannot be accurately produced elsewhere. Fleur de Dijon has a long and loyal list of followers who insist on a true Dijon mustard and who refuse to compromise on this vital ingredient. Fleur de Dijon is amongst the best and purest Dijon mustards on the market today.


Four À Idèes | Maison Gourmet is proud to offer the very highest standard in frozen French Viennoiserie, pastry items and fruit purees. Four A Idees have a reputation internationally for providing pure butter croissants, pain au chocolats, almond croissants and a full range of sweet and savoury pastry items. This frozen line is made with the highest quality of ingredients and allow chefs a smooth transition from freezer to table. The full flavor and texture of such pastries, along with traditional éclairs, quiche, and many other delicacies usually only enjoyed in France is now available to all of our customers. The selection of fruit purees offered by Maison Gourmet from Four a Idees is packed with pure fruit giving the taste and colour necessary to satisfy even the most discerning pastry chef.


Ricossa | Riscossa opened its doors in 1902 as a family business. It remains today a family business, managed by the fourth generation of owners. Based in Venosa, Italy, Riscossa prides itself on using only the finest durum wheat semolina from Italy. Added to this are grains from the global market (Canada, Australia, and Europe) which ensure that each Riscossa pasta product guarantees a high protein content, whilst using no genetically modified ingredients whatsoever. The high quality of the pasta being produced by Riscossa for over a century is evident to chefs and diners alike. Riscossa brings to your table a perfect combination of rich innovation and ancient tradition.


Traiteur de Paris | Traiteur de Paris is a beautiful range of French frozen pastries and savoury items made by chefs for chefs. Traiteur de Paris have been manufacturing premium frozen products for over 15 years. They have expertise in both industrial manufacturing with 3 production sites (BRC &iFS Certificates) and smaller scale products with a culinary kitchen and team of chefs trained by Michelin stars chefs. Traiteur de Paris products have the look and quality of home made creations. Their philosophy is simple: to offer ready to use quality frozen products developed using natural products without preservatives, flavour enhancers and without artificial colouring. Each creation saves you time but allows you to personalise your presentation using your own creativity. Traiteur de Paris is here to help you every day.

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